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Products by A-cero

A-cero joaquín torres architects company established in 1996 whose activity focuses on complete development of architectural projects.

The human team, led by Joaquin Torres and his partner Rafael Llamazares, has been growing through out the past years and sums up to more than 60 professionals spread out through different offices Spain(2), UAE Dubai (1), Dominican republic(1), currently working on projects of different magnitude.

Since not long ago due to the demand of our clients we have extended our performance field towards the building process executing "turnkey operations" on projects previously designed by the studio. Our working method is based on a detailed analysis of the client's needs and the projects programme. The result is examined in all its dimensions in order to find every potential problem, all the possible solutions are studied and all the material solutions for the new building analyzed during the design stage. We imagine, project and persuade.

The Key to our success is that we stick to the initial idea through out the whole process as a conducting thread from the beginning all the way towards the development, converting into a more formal conception with sculptural value which transforms into architecture. In this sense "what" is just as important as "how". The project must be developed starting from the most general concept towards the definition of the last detail that materializes it.

During our professional trajectory we have maintained collaborations with construction companies and developers taking part in contests or carrying out consultancy work, with other architect and engineering studios developing projects in common, as well as lawyers offices helping in management and town-planning.