Presented: Maison&Objet 2010 January, Paris
Stylepark-ID: 01.6288.00065
Categories: Garden furnishingsPlanters
Product description

ALMA is the latest flowerpot collections designed by the responsible of Studio A-cero, Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares architectures, for the firm VONDOM.
An unique collection by its original and innovative design, inspiring in the nature, whose stylist forms recall to the sprig of a plant that from the ascending earth serving as support of the flowers and leaves.
With ALMA offers a new concept of the decoration without leaving the practicality out off account, since this flowerpot collection can be installed outdoor maintaining in good condition, even under the most extreme climatic conditions.
The collection ALMA offers two sizes and in diverse colors, furthermore offers also the option of incorporating lighting, for any interior space & exterior.
The manufacture technique is the rotomoulding, focused on a technology process that guarantees the maximum quality taking care of every detail.
From the slim forms, along with the dynamic, elegant and lightness features, a collection that integrates in the avant-garde architecture with Characteristic of studio A-cero is born.


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