Adnan Serbest

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Cad. No: 7/2 A Dudullu
Ümraniye, Istanbul

T: +90 216 612 46 46
F: +90 21 612 43 57

Products by Adnan Serbest

The limits of a designer and a craftsman

Adnan Serbest is a Turkish designer who has been designing furniture and living spaces for 25 years.

The design is the details of craftsmanship, the material and the form which lead to a full realis

ation of true simplicity. The designer prefers instead of walking near the design, living in the heart of it...

A craftsman's material is a limitation of his abilities and creativity. A designer's unlimited introverted feelings are the keys of his

imagination. This chair is the symbol of the war between a craftsman and a designer, making it a meta collection.