Adolf Krischanitz

Architektur Krischanitz ZT GmbH

Getreidemarkt 1
1060 Wien

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With arresting buildings such as the Arts Hall on Vienna´s Karlsplatz, the Arts Hall of Krems or a Viennese housing estate, Adolf Krischanitz attracted attention and caused much discussion. These buildings differ from what we are accustomed to not o

nly in their form, but also in their colours - bright yellow, blue, orange or green. For the architect, born in 1946 in Schwarzach in Salzburg´s Pongau, colour creates feelings of space from looking. Thus Krischanitz: »In this sense I work on

the pleasure of looking and not on the propaganda of form«. For some of his buildings, for example the arts hall in Krems, the architect also conceived the interior. Since 1992 Krischanitz is professor for design and urban renewal at the Berlin vis

ual arts college.