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88677 Markdorf

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Products by Atelier 522

Comprehensive design "atelier 522" A creative agency consisting of architects, interior designers, product designers, graphic designers and photographs in close co-operation under one roof who are pleased to contribute to your success. We come to grips due to experience over generations with the theme of designing from the conception to the building. How would the world look like, if all would be only practical and logical? Would there still be room for sweets and chairoplanes in this world? Is it not so that you would rather want to eat more ice-cream and less spinach? With us it is a place, where people bring in all their energy, knowledge, talent and all their ideas in order to create of what they dream. We want to be renowned for our innovative abilities on a worldwide scale. Projects integrate manifold functions, concepts, technologies, strategies. In order to take these "peripheral" demands into consideration with the design already in the forefront, atelier522 have knotted a network always under the premise of granting our clients the valence of the products and thus the security of investment. We would be happy, if also you would become our partner. We rather stumble on new ways than that we make no headway. For all that is worth to be done is worth to be done well. Memory and vision stay in a close interconnection: these are memories, which are worthwhile to be evoked. How was the light on the façades, the brightness on the walls, by day? And at night? Or are the optics similar to those of a basset? How have my steps sounded, or those of a four-legged friend? How was my voice resounding in the room, how does the material sound that was used for the building? Was the material warmed up by the sun? Is the surface smooth or rough? What happens if I walk barefooted through the dwelling? What smell was there in the air? What was the feeling of the ground under my feet? How the door-handle in my hand? Was there some give in the material? Was there a feeling of narrowness or width, of intimacy or full extent? Or the element of culture with regard to form and material? We have a plan, a goal, but what is most interesting is the way leading there. We would like to go this way with your enterprise.