Stainly contact grill

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Product description

Many people love barbecues, however, innovative products are rare on this field. A contact grill which is run with gas and whose details are great. The round grill is the central point of every party. The frame consisting of stainless steel is displaced f

rom the heating surface, so that further accessory parts can be hooked in conveniently. The steel plate is evenly heated up from bottom by a heating unit. Moreover, the smart multi-functional tool that is based on the practical principle of the brick trow

el: one long side is jagged and serves for carving the grill items, by means of a laser, a fork was milled into the side tip of the trowel. That makes for a grill item turner, knife and fork in one, it cannot be done in a more pratical way. There is a rou

nd side table also consisting of stainless steel, so that additional surface is provided in the same style.

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