Bernhard Dessecker


Habsburgerstrasse 3
10781 Berlin

Products by Bernhard Dessecker

Bernhard Dessecker has enjoyed more than thirty-five years of professional experience in lighting planning, interior architecture and developing and designing lighting fixtures.

Dessecker’s career began as an interior architect in 1983 at Studio Morsa in New York City. The following year he became a member of the design team at Ingo Maurer, a top international lighting design company based in Munich, Germany. To those in the industry, he was known as the right hand of Ingo himself. Not only did Dessecker contribute his own designs to the collection, but he also developed many of the technically challenging and complex light fixtures. Additionally, he was responsible as project manager for myriad national and international projects. All the while, Dessecker manages his own project planning and design office, where he realizes products and projects in Germany and elsewhere.

Throughout the past thirty years of professional practice, Dessecker has acquired a wide technical knowledge in the field of semiconductor technology (LED and OLED). In this context he has held lectures and workshops around the world at conventions, universities and museums. He also edited a book about Ingo Maurer in 2008.

Bernhard Dessecker is a practical designer who has always pursued optimum results in collaboration with the client, owner, architect, engineer and craftsmen without losing sight of the financial, technical and human requirements and needs.

To Dessecker, the design journey is as important as the end result. His mission is to bring to life his client’s vision in the most thoughtful and practical, yet beautiful, way possible. His many projects — from large scale metropolitan subway stations to private jobs to bespoke hand-made products — all maintain an innovative, and sometimes quirky, elegance that are his signature style. His recent clients included BMW, MOOOI and the GOETHE INSTITUT.

He lives and workes in Berlin.