Børge Mogensen

Products by Børge Mogensen

Most people have heard of Børge Mogensen, a furniture designer whose collaboration with FDB, the Danish co-operative chain, enabled Danes to buy high-quality furniture at affordable prices. He went on to create some of the most widely recognised furniture classics of the 1950s and 1960s, a wide selection, in fact, thanks to his prolific productivity. Ideas came to Børge at all times of the day and night, and he noted them down on whatever was at hand: matchboxes, napkins or crumpled envelopes. For example, the Hunting Chair, destined to become one of Mogensen’s many classics, was sketched on a matchbox late at night in the company of good friends. We cannot say the name Børge Mogensen without also mentioning Andreas Graversen. Designer and manufacturer are always dependent on each other, but in this particular case, Andreas Graversen’s acquisition of Fredericia Furniture in 1955 marked the start of more than a purely professional partnership. Over the years, the two men developed a strong – and at times temperamental – friendship fuelled by a common desire to create simple, quality furniture with timeless aesthetic appeal. Before Mogensen’s untimely death in 1972, they jointly won the Furniture Prize in 1971 for their long-term collaboration, still appreciated today in private homes and public offices alike.