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United Kingdom

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Products by Cate&Nelson

Founded in Sweden by internationally acclaimed industrial and furniture designers Nelson Ruiz-Acal and Cate Högdahl in 2006, Cate & Nelson is a London-based multidisciplinary design studio working in a variety of sectors including furniture, lighting, product, interior and art direction. With offices in Sweden, Spain and UK, Cate & Nelson create products and interiors to offer something over and above expectations. Their inspiration is drawn from an ongoing design dialogue, and through observation of daily situations and needs that arise from product requirements, materials and spaces we utilise. Their designs are distinguished by the studios broad range of skills, sustainability, honesty, high functionality and continental approach. The studio is involved in the entire collaborative design process between the designers, manufacturer, the brand and the end user, taking great joy in being a part of the journey from the first idea to the final product. Cate & Nelson has received major international press coverage and their products have been exhibited internationally.