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Offecct has furnished the Gothenburg Central Office for Transport Infrastructure. The result: flexible spaces that invite social interaction.
"Move On High" and "On Point High" by Mattias Stenberg

In Swedish, the word for traffic is "Trafik" and that for work is "Verket". The "Trafikverket" in Gothenburg is thus nothing other than the Central Office for Transport Infrastructure, and it has recently moved into new office space. One of the public authority’s goals for the move was to create flexible structures able to adapt to its employee’s work processes. The open spaces were thus fitted out with furniture by Swedish manufacturer Offecct, who had already furnished the Trafikverket in Malmö.

The new rooms comprise open-plan office space that encourage social interaction, and conference rooms for concentrated work. The room divider "Notes" was used to enable a flexible division of the space into zones, and it also creates better acoustics in the rooms. The round conference areas, which are partitioned off with curtains, are furnished with the round "Move on High" stools. These surround a "On Point High" table, from the center of which grows a tree. All in all, the office rooms have a very informal feel to them, nothing is reminiscent of the civil servants’ offices of old. Instead, generous sofas such as the modular "Blocks Sofa" together with the side tables "Ezy table" and "Nobis table" offer flexible work areas. The "Smallroom Sofas" are available for concentrated work, with their high backrests and armrests offering a little more privacy, as well as a cozy place to sit. Meetings in smaller groups can be held at any time at the islands scattered across the space and fitted out with various Easy Chairs. Models such as the "Layer Easy Chair", the "Palma Easy Chair", the "Moment Easy Chair" and the "Netframe Easy Chair" provide ample variety. Yet despite the very relaxed atmosphere there are also tables for more concentrated work – these have been equipped with the "Phoenix Chair".

"Smallroom" sofas by Ineke Hans and "Nobis" table by Claesson Koivisto Rune
"Phoenix" chair and "Notes" acoustic room divider by Luca Nichetto, "Layer" easy chair by Läufer + Keichel

In order to achieve an optimum result as regards furnishing, the civil servants of Trafikverket visited the Offecct factory in Tibro in the run-up to the move. It was here that they selected the furniture from the company’s entire product range. Offecct subsequently developed a design for the interior furnishing together with the architects of GAJD Arkitekter that corresponded to the public authority’s needs. This then needed to be adjusted to the color concept based around the visual impression of looking out of the window of a train in motion, which counters the comfy atmosphere at Trafikverket with a sense of dynamism. In the color scheme, grey represents the city and yellow the landscape, sun rise and sun set are symbolized by red, sky and water by blue and the forest by a range of green hues. (ar)

"Notes" acoustic room divider by Luca Nichetto, "Layer" easy chair by Läufer + Keichel