Cecilie Manz

Esromgade 15/ 3/ Rampen
2200 Kopenhagen

T: +45 2625 1164

Products by Cecilie Manz

A tabletop and three legs. No screws, no hinges, nothing fancy. The award-winning Micado table is completely pure in its expression – and typical of the design of its young but already internationally renowned creator, Cecilie Manz. "I like to emphasise spontaneity and simplicity. My way of working is firstly to keep a completely open mind about the concept, for example “table”. I go to great lengths to uncover what functions a table has to fulfil. I let my ideas run wild in the beginning but then as they begin to take shape, I begin to minimise as much as possible,” explains Manz.

Manz is the daughter of two potters and grew up respecting handicrafts. She loves working in wood and originally wanted to be a cabinet maker. “Instead, I have developed a mutually inspiring collaboration with someone who makes my prototypes for me. This allows me to focus my energy on other things,” she says. Even though Micado in many ways isa departure from classic Danish design she can imagine her creation standing next to classic Danish furniture. 

“Today, people are open to combining the new with the old. I can easily imagine Micado as the new joker in a beautiful home – nudging up against a black Børge Mogensen sofa.”