Charlotte Juillard

Products by Charlotte Juillard

In June 2011, after five years’ study at the Ecole Camondo, Charlotte Juillard graduated as an interior architect and designer, with distinction and with particular commendation from the jury for her Morphose porcelain project. After an eighteen month residency at la Fabrica, the research and communications centre of the Benetton group, under the artistic direction of designer Sam Baron, Charlotte Juillard decided to open her own design studio in 2014, working on object-oriented design and scenography.

The material is always the starting point for her designs. She strives to reach a balance between texture and form, a softness, a clarity of appearance. Working with the material, research, experimentation and observation all seem, to her, essential parts of the design process for each project. Being able to dream up objects and design them in partnership with craftsmen, learning to adapt, to modify her designs according to the available tools or the prevailing constraints, collaborating and working as part of a team, all this is, to her, part and parcel of the richness of her profession.