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Genthiner Str.8
10785 Berlin

T: +49 30 / 263 906 - 6
F: +49 30 / 263 906 - 77

Products by e27

The Berlin-based design agency e27 was established by Tim Brauns, Hendrik Gackstatter and Fax Quintus to incorporate different areas of design, including web-, graphic-, corporate and product design into a consolidated design environment. The agency’s three designers tackle new product design with an eye to clever function and simple solutions, creatively integrating feasible solutions into new contexts. Added value lies in the potential of combining the methodical approach of multimedia projects with the development process applied to three-dimensional products.

It's all about principles: Our ideas are always based on a basic principle. In our quest to find satisfying solutions we analyse and abstract this principle. The finished product is the end of the documented search process.