Rhinower Strasse 3
10437 Berlin

T: 0049 30 325 29 197
F: 0049 30 671 28 168

Products by Formfjord

Formfjord is a Studio for Industrial Design and Product Development in Berlin. We develop products for diverse industries; mobility, security, lighting, consumer electronics, furniture, consumer goods and sports. As a team of designers and engineers, we combine creativity and innovative aesthetics with technological know-how. Our efficient and purposeful design process keeps the focus on the product vision while keeping an eye on specific demands and feasibility. Interdisciplinary thinking, well-trained observation skills, experience and intuition create the solid bass for our works. Our passion is to develop good ideas into meaningful and sensible products.

In 2006 Fabian Baumann and Sönke Hoof started working together under the label Formfjord. Since Sönke left the company in 2014, Formfjord has repositioned itself around Fabian Baumann with a new Team.