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APP for creative lighting

Intelligent light, creative diversity! A formally reduced LED cube shows the power within. With its double-layered front surface APP opens up immense creative scope. Even the range of standard fronts available allows numerous options from different textured structures to restrained satin colors to mirrored surfaces and those with visual effects. Those who want to make a statement or transport a message can have App personalized with individual prints. Notes, room numbers, corporate colors... it's up to you!

The wall luminaire APP is not just an energy-efficient light source. Indeed, its customizable front surface, with its optical depth and sculptural quality, also opens up unimagined creative scope, making APP a potential information carrier, guidance system and design element. Two cutting-edge, replaceable LED plates provide powerful and sustainable light, which is dispersed symmetrically upwards and downwards. As the light hits the walls, ceiling and floor, it is reflected throughout the space. Sideways, the flat cuboid emits softly diffused, entirely glare-free light. The choice of front surface has no influence on the ambient light itself, as the backing plate is opaque. An efficient cooling body on the back of the luminaire guarantees heat dissipation while adding to the overall design aesthetic.

Whether in a row, a graphic or an abstract arrangement, APP is predestined for many different areas of application, turning private interiors, hotel lounges, hospitals, office spaces, corridors, foyers and stairwells into conceptual light installations.


ICONIC AWARDS 2016: Interior Innovation - Winner DESIGN PLUS powered by Light+Building 2016


Built-in LEDs 15W, 1400lm - 2700K, 1450lm - 3000K or
Built-in LEDs 21W, 1900lm - 2700K, 2000lm - 3000K (other LEDs on request)

Emission classA++ - A
Light regulationstepless dimmer
Stand/ mountingfixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shapesquare
Width170 mm
Height170 mm
Depth65 mm
polycarbonate (PC)
shades of grey
shades of green

Manufacturer:, Germany


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