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Via Vigevano, 8
20144 Mailand

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Products by Marialaura Rossiello Irvine

Born on the slopes of Vesuvius, Marialaura Rossiello Irvine graduated in architecture in Naples under Riccardo Dalisi. From the poetry of design and a deep respect for tradition and history, in 2000 she was catapulted into the capital of Italian design for a master in strategic design at the Politecnico. Concreteness became a challenge, marketing, communication and strategy the keynote. For a number of years she collaborated with Italian design brands, and grew accustomed to consider the product within a comprehensive corporate process. Then, after meeting her future husband, James Irvine, she moved on tiptoe into a different, British atmosphere. In 2011 she became a partner of his firm, where industrial products were the throbbing heart of design. After James’ sudden death in 2013, the thirty-year history of his office evolved into a new phase, in which the three key words are precision, irony and generosity. Precision in design, irony in communication, generosity in art directorships. Studio Irvine, now as in the past, is always ready to take up new challenges working with clients such as Muji, Offecct, Amorim, Phaidon. The studio is based in Milan.