Paolo Piva

Sestriere Castello 6512
30122 Venezia

T: +39 0415212955
F: +39 0415211045

Products by Paolo Piva

For Paolo Piva, one of the most successful international designers and architects, design is »a continuous process which starts with consciousness«. And that is how he sees his work too: a design is not just the product of a certain idea or a

certain order, but develops out of a continuous occupation with the theory of design. Paolo Piva, born in 1950 at Adria, studied architecture under Prof. Carlo Scarpa in Venice. His diploma was won with a monograph on »Vienna from 1918 to 1934 - th

e socialist council housing in Vienna«. Vienna and Venice are still today the poles of his life, he has studios in both, and in Vienna he also teaches at the college of applied arts. And both are an inspiration for his success: »Vienna motivat

es me intellectually, in Italy I profit from spontaneous vitality.« Piva has created designs for renowned furniture companies, but also for numerous impressive buildings.