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P. O. Box 31
5256 ZG Heudsen Vesting

T: +31 0 416 666222

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Roderick Vos explores the intersection of east and west, tradition and modern technology. Being a graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, he has operated a studio since 1990 with his wife, the carpet and textile designer Claire Vos. T

he couple spent six years living and working on the Indonesian island of Java. The time in Southeast Asia transformed Vos' work from being "geometrical" in style to being "more organic."
Vos jokes about design being in his DNA. His great-grandfather

and grandfather were skilled craftsmen and his father founded Maupertuus, the pioneering design store in the Dutch city of Groningen. Yet he refuses to put design on a pedestal. In his words, "design should be humble." He dislikes "the intellectual appro

ach towards 'design matters.' Emotion is, in my opinion, key to a successful product."