Sandra Lindner

Sandra Lindner / Lindner im Norden

Eimsbüttelerstrasse 59
22769 Hamburg

T: +49 40 432 52752
F: +49 40 55 77 37 71

Products by Sandra Lindner

Sandra Lindner was born on the 26 th of September 1974 in Pfullendorf, South of Germany. Since her father is an architect and her mother an interior designer Sandra has a natural talent for design and shapes which she improved by studying Textile and Indu

strial Design in Hamburg . She graduated in summer 2002.

Sandra Lindner's works reflect her passion for clear shapes and material in its purest form. She works with wood, leather and metal as well as porcelain, ceramics and various textiles. All he

r products are developed for serial production.

In addition to her works Sandra Lindner also creates individual design concepts as well as interior commissions for exhibitions, private and public rooms.