Product description

Kitchen: Cook 01
The shelf: The inner side of the cupboard is coloured orange. The COOK neon light is the decoration specially made for this kitchen.
The container: The container is movable with the rubber wheels underneath. They can be custom

made with two, three or four drawers.The drawers are faced with bright orange while the side of the containers faced with light grey.
The working station: The sink, dishwasher, and the oven are built in inside the working station. Both the sink and t

he water tab are made of stainless steel. The long and even working platform from CORIAN provides a lot of space for people to utilize according to their needs. There are three drawers in the working station,two big ones in dark grey and a small one in t

he bottom with stainless steel face.

Materialcomposite material
stainless steel
shades of grey

Lindner, Germany

Sandra Lindner