Eilert Sundts gate 23
0259 Oslo

T: 0047 90 69 58 41

Products by StokkeAustad

We create value through design. We chase function, cost-efficiency, sustainable aesthetics and environmentally sound projects. Our methodical approach reveals the essence of each design challenge and allows us to create holistic and profitable solutions f

or our clients.

We work with product development, interiors, exhibition- and industrial design. In addition to Jonas R Stokke and Øystein Austad, the Oslo-based agency consists of Joachim Levin and Geir Fredriksen, who work as business developers.

Our design process involves project definition, concept development, concretizing and testing before prototyping and pre-production. Beyond all this, the most important work we do is the continuous communication with our clients, either it is developi

ng a new product, mapping out a strategy or simply giving advice.

Awards and prizes:

2010 Designblok Editors Award
2010 Wallpaper Design Award 2010
2009 Designer of the year, Bo Bedre
2008 Top 40 under 40, I.D. Magazine
2007 Nomi

nated, Best practice under 35, Norsk Form
2005 Top ten Norwegian Designers, Design Interiør
2005 EDIDA, Design Newcomer of the year from Norway
2005 INDEX:2005 top nominated