Thomas Emde

Friedberger Landstraße 645
60389 Frankfurt am Main

T: +49 69 / 47 88 15 – 0
F: +49 69 / 47 88 15 – 77


Behind the brand OMLED stands the artist and visionary Thomas Emde, who is well-known for his long lasting experience in creating exceptional light installations. Together with his development team he brings this expertise into product development. The results are consistently thought-out products that combine technical perfection and sensual attractiveness.

“Our way of working during the luminaire development is to question existing systems and to free ourselves from established traditions in the lighting industry.”

The German artist Thomas Emde (*1959 in Korbach, Germany) studied fine arts at HbK Kassel and Hdk Berlin (now UdK Berlin) and has attained great acknowledgements for his work with colour and light from early on in his career. His works have been presented in countless national and international museums and galleries.

Towards the late 1990s, Thomas Emde began intensely working with the material and medium light. Since 1999, various light art pieces, light installations and large scale architectural lighting projects came into being. In 1999 Thomas Emde founded emdelight with offices in Frankfurt and Qatar. Amongst other things, he designed and implemented the illumination of the Commerz­bank Tower in Frankfurt and the Tornado Tower in Doha, Qatar.

Today, he continues his demand to realise projects aesthetically and technically perfect and to question existing systems with his company emdedesign, of which the brand OMLED is a part of, developing new products and applications.