Vico Magistretti


Products by Vico Magistretti

Was born in milan on october 6th 1920 and graduated in architecture in 1945. He then joined his father's studio and from 1948 onwards took part in various editions of the milan triennial exhibition.

He has won a number of prizes and awards:
the gold medal at the 9th edition of the triennial (1951); the grand prix at the 10th edition of the triennial (1954); two compassi d'Oro (1967 and 1979); the gold medal of S.I.A.D. society of industrial artists & designers (1986).

In the 60's he began designing series production furniture,creating the first plastic chair, but this reached the production lines only in 1967.
Most of his lamps and furniture have been best sellers and also long sellers. His works have been displayed in the major design exhibitions throughout europe usa and japan and are included in the permanent exhibitions of the world's most important museums.

Twelve of his creations are part of the permanent collection of M.O.M.A. in New York. he is a member of the academy san luca in rome; he is an honorary member and honorary visiting professor of the london royal college of art, and was nominated royal designer for industry by the royal soceity of arts.

He is an honorary member of the royal scottish incorporation of architects.