Wolfgang Pichler

Products by Wolfgang Pichler

Born and raised in the South of Styria/ Austria Wolfgang Pichler - after finishing his architectural studies at the Technical University of Graz - has rediscovered his roots and works in the South of Austria again.

Since then, the archit

ect who sees himself as an advocate of plain and authentic design has been formed by different influences. His designs of buildings as well as furniture are characterized by simpleness and the reduction to the essential.
The tight relationship to na

ture constantly shows itself in his designs through the closeness to craft and material.

In his own founded outdoor company VITEO>OUTDOORS he has been pursuing the longing for originality, reduction and distinctness in the product day-

He is accountable for the modular Home Collection which is – most likely Wolfgang Pichler – the expression of his constant examination of the topic „outdoor living”, the perfect synthesis of form and function as

well as the conveying of relaxation and life quality within a time of stress and pace.