Douglas - Random lengths

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Product description

The wide solid planks have become Dinesen’s trademark. Dinesen Douglas in random lengths is produced up to 7 metres long, 45 centimetres wide and 35 millimetres thick. The planks both unify and open a room and create a unique effect.

Dinesen planks provide endless possibilities for functional and aesthetic solutions in the design of everything from the private home to galleries, museums, hotels and restaurants as well as churches, manors and castles. Douglas has a natural elegance which no other wood species can match. The unique grain of each plank creates a remarkable expression, reflecting nature’s greatness and beauty. 

Douglas is harder than other firs and has far fewer knots. The trees can grow up to 60 metres high and have a diameter of almost 1 metre. Originally Douglas comes from the west coast of North America, where it grows from California, in the south, to British Columbia, in the north. Douglas was introduced in Europe in 1827 and it is from the European forests that Dinesen sources its Douglas for the exclusive planks.

The trees are between 80 and 120 years old. They come from forests that through generations have been treated with the highest respect for nature. The quality control begins in the forest where each tree is carefully selected, and continues throughout the process. In the production facilities in Denmark, Dinesen combines the latest technology with traditional virtues of craftsmanship in order to make planks of uncompromising quality.

Thickness: 28 - 35mm

Length1000 - 7000 mm
Width200 - 450 mm
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