Stylepark-ID: 10.4315.00024
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Product description

GrandPattern is a option where large oak planks are laid in familiar historical patterns. A modern solution with respect for history, which takes on a contemporary and exclusive appearance due to the proportions.

A familiar pattern taken to new heights with a modern expression when selecting boards of large dimensions.

Mosaic pattern is a classic solution in which groups of planks alternately laid in horizontal and vertical clusters form a pattern that most of all looks like a chessboard.

A distinctive, graphic floor where large boards are laid in a V-pattern.

The bond pattern is defined by boards of the same dimensions in staggered lanes next to each other. A traditional solution that creates a smooth transition and a beautiful look, which is suitable for both large and small spaces.

Thickness: 22 - 30mm

Length 500 - 1800 mm
Width 50 - 450 mm
Height 22 - 35 mm
Material oak

Dinesen, Denmark