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Product description

Oak trees are always an impressive sight in nature. They have more personality than any other wood species, and their vitality is unparalleled. Dinesen takes pride in producing wooden floor planks that respect and preserve the personality of the oak tree. 

The knowledge about wood has been passed down through the more than 118-year long history of Dinesen. When this knowledge is combined with the architects’ comprehension of design and aesthetics, many exciting possibilities arise. Actually, it was on the encouragement of the British architect John Pawson that Dinesen began to work with oak in 1992.

Respecting the heritage
Dinesen uses only the best raw wood which comes from selected European forests where the stands are tended with the greatest care and respect for nature. The oak trees have been planted five or six generations ago and have weathered everything that has come their way over the past 150 to 200 years. It is an attainment and heritage that calls for respect and Dinesen strives to make the best possible use of the tree. 

Each tree is carefully selected according to size, purity and form to meet Dinesen’s requirements. Although we only accept the best raw wood, even the most beautiful tree may hide surprises that are not revealed until it reaches the sawmill. Therefore, Dinesen evaluates every single plank manually several times during the production process as part of a constant effort to supply unique oak wood of the utmost quality to the clients.

Thickness: 22 - 30mm

Length1000 - 5000 mm
Width125 - 250 mm
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