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DORMA MOVEO represents a new generation of partitioning systems in the market for movable wall systems. It is characterised by the following:

* A new and easy convenience:
Innovative light-weight construction for previously unachievable low mass

per unit area, combined with superb stability, all based on a unique high-tech production process involving some pretty innovative materials

* New speed:
The ComforTronic control included as standard enables once unattainable speed of placement

and operational reliability - an exceptionally simple system for easy wall construction and conversion, even for the inexperienced hand

* New flexibility:
More efficient space utilisation in all areas thanks to the low partition weight and the

structural advantages that this brings.

With DORMA MOVEO you have all the advantages on your side:

* It couldn't be easier - intelligent usage of your space with smart and aesthetically elegant partitioning systems.

* The light-

weight elements simplify your logistics, and the narrow track system ensures maximum visual compatibility.

* With the ComforTronic control system, things could not be faster, easier or safer. Installation is also effortless. Commissioning is merely

a matter of plug-and-play, so the partition is immediately ready for service.

* You don't need trained personnel for the day-to-day operation of your movable walls, because anyone can operate this system easily and safely.

* Thanks to

integrated track switches and curves, the elements can be guided safely, smoothly and with the utmost convenience.

* The revolutionary duplicate production process ensures uniformly high quality and extremely short delivery times - for maximum pla

nning reliability.

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