Moveo glass

Product description

MOVEO Glass - operable partitions.

A new departure in room design with transparency married to acoustic effi ciency. Modern architecture is characterised by its clear, elegant transparency. Nevertheless, there is a basic requirement to use space ef

fectively and effi ciently in terms of both its acoustics and its aesthetic attributes. With the innovative MOVEO Glass operable partition, we have succeeded in unifying these two previously contradictory demands:

* Transparency and sound insulatio

* For the fi rst time, you can incorporate fl exible room confi gurability with transparency and sound reduction values of up to 50 dB.
* More light, more silence, more space.
* Enhanced operating convenience: fast, easy and flexible.
* A c

lear plus offering more creative possibilities for interior design and architectural excellence

MOVEO® Glass for a pleasant room ambience.
The fully glazed MOVEO Glass elements create quiet, bright rooms that immediately put their occupants at e

ase. Gone are those murky, confi ned spaces of yesteryear. And even disparate events can be held simultaneously thanks to the sound insulation properties of MOVEO Glass with noise reduction indices of up to 50 dB.

Benefiting a wide range of applica

* Offices and conference rooms
* Restaurants
* Hotels
* Lounges and foyers
* Education and leisure
* facilities
* Smoker/non-smoker partitioning

Attractive, efficient and cost effective.
The MOVEO Glass system creates

elegant, light flooded room-in-room solutions, enabling several separate events to be held concurrently. An investment that pays off in every respect.

Pleasant working atmosphere.
Thanks to its transparency and up to 50 dB sound reduction that

it produces, the MOVEO Glass system facilitates performance and success in offi ce and conference environments. Its transparency strengthens the feeling of integration and creates synergies. Yet the sound insulation means that meetings, negotiations and

interviews can be carried out with virtually no audible interruption. A well designed room improves the working environment and enhances the visual experience for occupants of the room.

Combined benefits.
The brighter the rooms, the more motiva

ted people are and the more effectively they can work or interact. MOVEO Glass brings light where there is darkness and interlinks previously separate rooms. And the glass elements can be combined with all available MOVEO elements. This creates a uniform

design - retaining the technical advantages that make the MOVEO movable wall system so special: ease of operation, speedy deployment thanks to the ComforTronic actuator system, and adaptability in terms of design, fi nish and accessories.

Width1250000 m
Height2000000 - 4000000 m
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