8040 Marble Wing

Product description

This chaise longue, made of a single stone block, impresses by its timeless design as well as by its reduced aesthetics and enriches any kind of interior and exterior setting. The seat shell appears light as a feather. Its form recalls the interpretation of a wing. The pure, flowing silhouette gives the solid stone an amazing lightness, making it appear seemingly weightless. The MARBLE WING is grounded by its solid base that shows the traces of the processing, and, with its raw surface, provides an exciting counter pole in regard to the smooth seat surface. This play of the different surfaces makes the processing of how natural stone is formed into a chaise longue lively and visually comprehensible to the viewer.

The term marble derives from the Greek where it means "shimmering" or "shining". The ancient Greeks already created fascinating sculptures from the "White Gold" which are characterized not only by the sculptural skills, but as well by the gentle luster of the polished surfaces and the fine grain of the stone.

The architect and designer Hadi Teherani has transferred the cultural history of marble into modern design and has created the MARBLE WING - a limited edition for the DRAENERT art furniture collection, especially committed to collectors and gallery owners.

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Hadi Teherani