Hadi Teherani

Hadi Teherani Design GmbH

Elbberg 1
22767 Hamburg

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Products by Hadi Teherani

“Urban space, architecture, interior design and product design are inseparable.“

Hadi Teherani – born in Tehran in 1954, grew up in Hamburg – is an extremely productive and diverse, internationally awarded German architect and designer. His work is executed regardless of borders in every respect, transcending nationalities and specialist disciplines. The projects target atmospheric charisma, emotional urgency and an ecologically sound sustainability that is already laid out in the design. The first “green“ railway station in Germany at Frankfurt Airport and the Cologne “Crane Houses” on the banks of the River Rhine have become effective landmarks to a large extent like many international projects. In his unusually far-reaching competence from architecture to urban planning, to interior and product design, compositions succeed in which all elements interact harmoniously. Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Dubai, Hamburg, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Rome and Tehran are some of the metropolitan cities for which plans are being drawn up, as well as Moscow and Mumbai. The e-bike, the conference table (Thonet), leather seating furniture (Walter Knoll), a modular kitchen (Poggenpohl), lights (Zumtobel/Steng), showrooms and flagship stores likewise belong to the catalogue of works, just as high-rise buildings, corporate centres, council offices, shopping worlds, stock markets, railway stations, schools and universities. In recent years particularly innovative concepts for sustainable urban residential construction have been developed and realised.

Hadi Teherani’s product design is distinguished by innovative ideas, emotional expression and a specific architectural language. Sustainability and longevity are as essential as the value our designs add to the finished product. Conception, development, the realization of a prototype and a product’s launch all originate from the same source. Many awards reflect the popularity of our product designs with the general public, as well as experts.