Port Push

Product description

For the development and implementation of creative ideas, a certain amount of latitude is needed – and this is true for the office as well as the kitchen. In order to direct the focus on the essentials, quickly and easily accessible power sockets and data ports are advantageous. With the EVOline Port Push, EVOline is presenting a further developed version of the proven EVOline Port, which combines flexibility and safety in a smart electrification system. The elegant mounting solution allows plugs and cables to disappear into the recess at the press of a finger. Data and multimedia modules that can be replaced at any time enable almost unlimited freedom in the workplace, even if usage requirements change on short notice.

A special feature of EVOline Port Push is its practical tilting lid: In the closed state of the electrification module, only the square lid can be seen, which fits flat to the surface. When you press lightly on the lid, Port Push opens and the power socket strip can be pulled up. If access to the connections is no longer needed, Port Push can be lowered again by pressing on the lid. Glide dampers ensure gentle closing. The electrification module can be closed when cables are connected to the power socket strip – the flexible lid then remains slightly open while the sockets disappear under the table surface. In this way EVOline Port Push ensures the work surface remains clearly arranged, enabling efficient work.

The equipment of all EVOline products can be configured according to individual needs: EVOline offers a wide range of international power sockets, data, multimedia and protection modules, and switches and buttons. Exchangeable modules newly developed for the Port Push now enable easy subsequent replacement of ports for data and multimedia. This keeps every workplace flexible, even if the requirements change.

Installation of Port Push in tables or furniture is just as easy thanks to the proven mounting system. Fast installation is possible for panel thicknesses of 10 to 50 mm. Port Push ensures order not only on the table but also underneath it: Safe cable routing prevents the cables from being accidentally bent or pulled out. Additional safety is offered by the cable chain EVOline WireLane, which can be mounted using the existing adapter clip on Port Push. With Port Push, EVOline is thus presenting a system solution that fits perfectly into the existing product range. The design follows the style of BackFlip and FlipTop Push.


Evoline, Germany

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