Product description

Gargantua – timeless design classic

At the age of thirty Dirk Wynants was convinced of one thing: After years of experience as an agent for other brands, he would start his own business. Did he know that the first product launched would become a timeless design classic? At that time nobody knew. But by now everybody agrees: Gargantua has managed to secure a solid position among the Belgian design classics, despite of new trends and product innovations.

Family time

From a business point of view, Gargantua is a very rational design: one shape, one version, one size. This kind of common sense has been Extremis' trademark right from the start. But at the same time Gargantua was also the answer to very personal aspirations: How do I create a piece of furniture putting all the family members at the same eye level, including the children? How do I make sure that wheelchair users can also join in? And is there a way to use the benches to create a bigger table?

Gargantua is a logical combination of all of these functions. The slanted legs, the decision to use sturdy metal... Not looks, but functionality is of paramount importance. And of course...

· easy disassembly and a reduced transport volume,
· careful selection of the wood in close cooperation with WWF,
· a deliberate reduction of waste during the production process,

... and you immediately understand that this very first product Gargantua was already imbued with the company's DNA: innovation, functionality, care for the environment, and respect for human values.

Timeless – almost literally

Innovation is still a major characteristic of Gargantua: Even today its details are still systematically reviewed and optimised. Although this might not even be necessary: Of the thousands of tables sold over the past 17 years not a single one has been returned to Extremis presenting major faults. This is quite impressive considering that Gargantua is being used worldwide in very hot as well as very cold conditions. In fact, Gargantua's guarantee covers temperatures from -50°C to +70°C.

Height 750 mm
Weight 18660 kg
Seat finish without upholstery
Seat functions adjustable seat height
Depth of seat 270 mm
Base finish with legs
Backrest finish without back padding
Armrest finish without armrests
Table finish four-legged table
Table top shape circular
Material iroko
Colors silver
shades of brown

Extremis, Belgium

Dirk Wynants