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Extremis manufacture "extra-ordinary" furniture and objects with a logical, timeless design at the service of innovation and functionality, using honest materials. All creations serve togetherness, hospitality and communication in and outdoors.
Developing a range of progressive products and concepts and ensuring their international marketing constitute Extremis' mission.

The choice of the name "Extremis" is not a coincidence: in Latin, the word refers to "extra-ordinary": innovative products using honest, extremely durable materials. "Extra-ordinary" refers to the out of the ordinary design and to the "external" use. "Ordinary" stands for a logical and timeless design combined with honest materials, always at the service of functionality. Extremis' "formalism" has always been the logical result of a functional need. This functionality can be situated on different levels: production, ecology, ergonomics, mobility, concept and last but not least the actual use of the object.

Whenever it is economically feasible to do so, Extremis opts for the most ecologically sound solution and prefers to use materials in their natural, pure state. "Honest" materials that do not require any protection techniques that might jeopardise the environment, materials that can easily be recycled later on. That is why all the materials Extremis uses meet the highest quality standards. Durability, both with regard to material and form, is an important ecological factor as such. The use of wood for example is limited to those parts that enter into direct contact with the body.

Extremis' own production (mostly assembly) does not in any way limit its choice of materials but allows it on the contrary to concentrate on its own strengths: concept and product development, assembly, export, distribution know-how, communication and ecology. Extremis calls on highly specialised suppliers to offer products at an optimal price-quality ratio, always based on predetermined design and functionality standards.

A proud innovator
Extremis was established in 1994 on the initiative of Dirk Wynants. The company started very modestly with the creation of the multifunctional Gargantua garden table. From the Westhoek (Gijverinkhove, situated near the French border in a far-off corner of West Flanders) Extremis has managed to secure a firm position on the international design scene. From the very outset, a major part of the production was meant for the international markets, as the home market could not secure the necessary continuity.

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