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Product description

Theoretically speaking, the picnic table from the new Marina-line is unlimited in length and at the same time it is made in one piece. In this particular design, we once again see the ‘Tools for Togetherness’ philosophy of Extremis: having a bunch of people over for a picnic was never easier. The seemingly endless table is perfect for entertaining large groups of guests, friends and family.

The piece of furniture is up to 12 m long, so that around 40 people can take place at once. “We could even double the length if we wanted to, but in that case the customer has to come and pick up his table himself”, Wynants jokes. Of course the table is also available in ‘normal’ measurements (as from 2m20). The Marina picnic set is also available without the attached seating benches to create a free-standing table. What makes it unique is the fact that you can put together your own personal picnic scenery. Do you just want attached benches to the table? Or would you rather have detached chairs around it? Both versions are available. Further­more, a combination of chairs and benches is also possible.

This way, a picnic setting is created that is different on each patio. Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners also designed the detached chairs which are in fact based on a captain’s seat - staying true to the naval theme. For Extremis it was quite the challenge to be able to create a design that is accessible to great audiences budget wise, without having to discard the functional and design aspect. The fact that one does not need to buy all chairs separately because of the benches is a money-saver.

Table finish four-legged table
Table top shape rectangular
Material fibreglass (GRP)
Colors white
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Extremis, Belgium