Product description

Our furniture – and in particular the new addition to our collection, Virus – works even in the most sterile spaces, as we will demonstrate at Orgatec with a moon landscape as our décor. In fact, as soon as humans took their first steps on the moon, they introduced certain viruses, and Extremis is mimicking this effect. However our chosen environment is the oxygen-starved office setting: Virus brings life and vitality!

How? Virus is a picnic table in various guises. Dirk Wynants has designed different versions based on an identical seating frame for two to five people. This is a fun way of filling a space with a mixture of small to medium-sized seating sets without losing uniformity. What is more, the compact design responds to the trend for smaller living spaces, offering a solution that enables you to use our tools on balconies and in urban gardens. There, too, there is an ideal Virus table for every gathering. So expect nothing less than togetherness everywhere!

Material metal (unspecified)
plastics (unspecified)
Colors black

Extremis, Belgium

Dirk Wynants