Fatboy® catbag

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Product description

Naturally, fatboy cannot neglect the needs of cat lovers. Since although most cats like to do their own thing, that definitely does not include taking a nap on a doggielounge. They want their own place, especially designed and styled for them: the fatboy

The catbag, measuring Ø 65 x 10 cm, is smaller than the doggielounge. The look is different as well, with the bone replaced by a distinctive fishbone design. The fatboy catbag is made from practical and easy to clean material with a s

pecial water and stain-resistant coating. Both the filling and the material do not absorb the odours of our barking and meowing housemates. They can be washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 30o C, which will keep them hygienic.
The catbag is

available in 6 colours: black, red, orange, brown, lime green en turquoise.

Height100 mm
Diameter650 mm

Fatboy®, Netherlands