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"It's outrageous. It's so different. I love it!” That's what millions of people in 80 countries around the world have been saying about Fatboy®the original. And it's taken only 4 years to get this far. Amazing? Not really.

It all started in The Netherlands, as an exciting, unconventional design for living. It was challenging, it was provocative – it was charming.. It reshaped comfort. It redefined fun.

Fatboy® reflects the unbelievable fun the company has in developing controversial new product designs. And the fun goes on and on.

The collection: Fatboy® islands. Fatboy® for children. Fatboy® family headdemock. Fatboy® 'Marimekko®' designs. And just so no one feels left out, Fatboy® is also into animal rights. Why should people have all the fun? So the world of pets is given Fatboy® doggielounge, and already the tails start wagging. And then, of course, there’s the Fatboy® catbag.

Fatboy® is about outrageous fun. Controversial design. Standing out, and getting noticed. Live the "Fatboy Life"!