Fatboy® LaToya

Fatboy® LaToya
Presented:Maison&Objet 2009 January, Paris
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Product description

Fatboy® djeksuns with thriller effects
Fatboy® proudly presents these three new talents to the Fatboy® original collection and they will take much pleasure in knowing you. They are black and pink coloured, black and orange and black and green and they

have something real special to admire.
After all these Fatboy® djeksuns would not carry their name with honour if they didn't bring innovation to the world and entertain us with exiting visual effects. So each of them is made with an exclusive and sty

lish fabric that also possesses a totally of the wall hidden superpower. While sitting on a Fatboy® djeksun your own bodyweight stretches the surface of the fabric making that area of the fabric change colour faster than Michael Jacksons skin. You will b

e in aw of your own super strength since this surprising effect makes every beautiful shape of your body visible after getting out. Neil Armstrong planted a flag into the moon, dogs lift their leg to leave their mark, but you only have to sit down and get

up to make history. The Fatboy® djeksuns are both classic and innovative at the same time. Now who's bad!? By the way, the Fatboy® djeksuns like to state that any comparison to a certain famous family of musicians is based on a true coincidence...

shades of violet
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Fatboy®, Netherlands

Alex Bergman