Fatboy® mètahlowski

Presented:Maison&Objet 2008 September, Paris
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Product description

Fatboy® invites everyone to meet the Mètahlowski family.
This posh family name, which whimsically refers to luxurious brands like Swarovski, represents four shiny sophisticated variations on the iconic Fatboy® the original.

Mètahlowski design has the same shape and measurements, but is made of high quality Italian fabric, executed in a brand new sexy color. They combine luxurious style with sheer laziness.
The Mètahlowski's are a family of two manly males

and two seductive females. Titano, Bronzo, Silvi and Goldi are the quite obvious names for the titanium, bronze, silver and gold colored beanbags.
Their luxurious supermodel looks opens up heaps of high-end opportunities for usage in modern state of

the art interiors. Therefore the Mètahlowski's are a perfect alternative for unaffordable design classics.
Just like the girl next door could effortlessly look like a supermodel.
Each of the Mètahlowski's would make a CEO take a p

owernap in his executive boardroom. They would give guests in the lobby of a star hotel a royal welcome. They would embrace exhausted travelers in waiting rooms of modern airports and they would glitter like a disco ball in way too trendy clubs and exclus

ive restaurants, although they're not just made for snobs and the hip elite.
Each member of the Mètahlowski family is a suitable addition to any ones own. They're in every ones league since a Mètahlowski feels at home anywhere, whether

it is in the Taj Mahal or a gipsy trailer.
Maybe they are art and kitsch simultaneously, because a Mètahlowski lives with it's head in the clouds and with it ‘s feet on the ground.

Length1400 mm
Width1800 mm
Seat finishwith upholstery
Materialpolyurethane (PU)
Colorscopper / bronze
gold / brass

Fatboy®, Netherlands

Alex Bergman