Fatboy® point - Fluor Edition

Product description

Limited edition of fluorine colored Fatboy products is now available.
Playful, creative and especially colorful design are happening as we speak. Fatboy launches a limited and numbered series of super trendy fluorescent colored products.


current fluorine-color trend can only go unnoticed when being colorblind. The new residential trend is very colorful. The application of different bright colors in one interior, with sparkling combinations of yellow, green, blue and red is totally hi

p. The combination of bright and pastel colors provides a sweet dynamics that works well on our minds.

The series of brightly colored Fatboy products are available in two fluorescent colors, yellow and orange, which make a lot of sense according

to this current trend. After all, there is no reason to gloom between sweet pastel colors – and cotton candy colors. A significant extra feature is that this series of gutsy products are only available in a limited edition. Each product even has a se

rial number, so you know what item of which series you have managed to get your lucky hands on.

Only a few Fatboy family members got the honor to be partakers in this special series. The lucky participants are the Junior, Point and Waynecooler.

They are proud of their bright new jackets and can't wait to be your brightest piece of furniture, adding a fluorescent touch to your interior. Question is, are you trendy enough to take them in?

Length1300 mm
Width1000 mm
Seat finishwith upholstery
Colorsshades of yellow
shades of red
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Fatboy®, Netherlands

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