Fatboy® the original

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Product description

After the initial design of Jukka Setälä in 1998, we launched Fatboy® the original in 2002. Since then the company has experienced dramatic growth. The production and sales of the beanbags started in The Netherlands. Within no time the brand

was being sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. In the light of the enormous international demand for our product, we opened a branch in the United States in 2005. This has given us the opportunity to improve the positioning of our brand in the marke

t even further.

Big expansion of the Fatboy collection:
We are not only getting bigger, we are also getting stronger. Several new products are being launched this season. On the one hand there will be new variations of the current range, a

nd on the other hand there will be several new product groups.

Length1400 mm
Width1800 mm
Colorsshades of blue
shades of brown
shades of yellow
shades of grey
shades of green
shades of orange
shades of red
shades of violet

Fatboy®, Netherlands

Jukka Setälä