Aplomb terra

Presented:imm cologne 2013, Cologne
Categories: Interior lightingStanding lamps
Product description

The rough, contemporary charm of cement finds a new form of expression in a floor lamp with a simple line, recalling a burning torch that can be grabbed and easily moved. In a natural development from the previous suspension model, Aplomb tackles new design challenges. The elegant line of the body that contains the light source remains the same in concept but its proportions have been completely redesigned to make it even more slender.

This creates a full, rounded volume when viewed from the front while it appears slightly flattened from the side. The white rod supports the body with a strong material presence, achieved by pouring a special, amalgam cement into a special mould, refined to the touch by a layer of transparent finish. The intense light beam is directed upwards, fully shielded from view by a shape containing the light source. The richness of the cement material translates the expressive language of modern architecture into an indoor lamp with great formal simplicity. The absolute focus of the design is the dialogue between light and material, underlining the purity of the design and style.


Halogen 1x 120W
Halogen 1x 150W

Light regulationstepless dimmer
Stand/ mountingwith footplate
Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
Height1800 mm
shades of grey
shades of brown
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