Aplomb wall lamp

Product description

Aplomb wall lamp continues a project, which begun in 2010 with Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere for Foscarini. An exploration of the expressive potential of rough concrete made fluid in its mold creates a form that is thrilling to see, and touch, due to its special composition.

Like the original suspension model, Aplomb wall lamp has made concrete take a leap from the world of architecture and building to the home environment. The lamp has retained the assertive mark of its raw material, but reinterpreted it for its new purpose. The oblique shape of the diffuser allows for wide ranging light diffusion. The concrete blocks the light completely and then releases it from both the large opening at the top and the smaller one at the bottom. The beam of light directed upwards is reflected onto the walls and ceiling. The more delicate beam of light directed downwards, by contrast, creates a sophisticated interplay of light on the walls.

Aplomb wall lamp is available in grey, the natural look of concrete, as well as an elegant white and a warm brown. It is ideal in all rooms, which speak a direct, minimalist architectural language, especially those with touches of visible rough-hewn materials, or can be placed in sequence along walls or corridors.


Halogen 1x120 W

Length300 mm
Width236 mm
Height147 mm
shades of grey
shades of brown

Foscarini, Italy

LucidiPevere Studio

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