Product description

A utilitarian lamp, but with exceptional personality. BEEP projects light that reflects on the wall and ceiling, becoming extremely soft and gentle. BEEP rotates by 360° on its base, permitting adjustment of the direction and quantity of light: the cap seems to be suspended, and the body of the lamp is apparently dematerialised by the light. A very intimate luminous suggestion.

The strong point of BEEP is great visual and atmospheric comfort. The light emitted by the body spreads, reflecting on the walls. A small opening on the disk, in an off-centre position, creates dynamism and depth on the plate that screens the light, giving the lamp its peculiar character.

BEEP is versatile, also perfect for the bathroom, near a mirror: it rests on the wall with the lightness of a butterfly. Reflected, the light is partially diffused on the wall and partially spread on the face: direct as a beam, but indirect like a source, an enveloping glow that never causes glare.

Height156 mm / 281 mm
Diameter183 mm / 297 mm
Materialpolycarbonate (PC)

Foscarini, Italy

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba