Presented:Euroluce 2007, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingStanding lamps
Product description

A tribute to verticality, inspired by a sculpture that forms part of our everyday panorama, the skyscraper, an element that stands out in space with its height, colour effects and characterisation of the surrounding environment.This is the appearance of the latest lamp designed by Luca Nichetto: vertical architecture, metallic colours and a strong personalisation of the space in which it is installed. It is a shape in evolution, rising from a cylindrical base and transformed by a decreasing circumference until it reaches its highest point, which is cut on a oblique plane to guarantee the best possible passage for the light. The lamp is built in shimmering plastic material and declines into two different colour versions: pearly white and copper/bronze. The fact that it shimmers exalts the product’s formal characteristics, sculpting it and defining it and heightening the perception of its surface through reflection effects and movements. When the lamp comes to life it releases a vast space of light, becoming the absolute star of the stage.In this atmosphere, the lamp becomes a sculpture, a totem almost, that broadens the collection’s floor lamp range, with an unconventional look at a dynamic and innovation-receptive target.

Width310 mm
Height1900 mm
Depth210 mm
Light regulationstepless dimmer
Stand/ mountingwith footplate
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Materialpolycarbonate (PC)
acrylic (PMMA)
copper / bronze

Foscarini, Italy

Luca Nichetto

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