Flap 1

Presented:Euroluce 2009, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingSurface mounted lightsWall mounted lights
Product description

Flap appears at first like a piece of contemporary art with its irregular geometric lines, decorating the walls in an interplay of light and shade.

The light source is formed by Flap's two overlaid metal surfaces which, thanks to a slight bend and the irregular overlay, provide a strong personality to a lamp of striking simplicity. When lit, the piece creates a new visual perception as there appear to be four surfaces. This is due to the effect the backlit shadows create on the different surfaces of the lamp and projected onto the wall.

Flap is an ideal element for wall compositions, and when used in multiples it can create a unique and unusual light sculpture suitable for both residential and contract environments. It is available in three sizes, each one characterised by the special proportions that make every variation of Flap unique.


fluorescent 2 x 18W / electronic ballast

Light regulationone light level
Length580 mm
Height460 mm
Depth100 mm
Form of protection (DIN 40050)IP20 protection against: solids > 12 mm
Safety classclass I (protective earthing)
Fire prevention classesF
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Foscarini, Italy

Marco Zito

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