Gem table lamp

Product description

Gem features a three-dimensional motif that makes it special even when it is off: a graphic pattern similar to the facets of a gemstone, with a harmonious decorative rhythm developed by the designers and implemented with the crafts technique of blow moulding, where engravings are present inside the mould. An artistic approach that produces an extraordinary three-dimensional effect on the glass surface, for a surprising visual result. In the table version the precious Gem glass is enhanced by a pedestal composed of three metal blades that support the glass, conserving its role as the protagonist. The Gem project is the latest step on a long path of research on blown glass conducted by Foscarini together with the designers Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, which has led to very intriguing results, like the Gregg, Rituals and Tartan projects.

Stand/ mountingcrossed base frame
Diffuser/reflector shapespherical
gold / brass
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Foscarini, Italy

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba