Plant Light

Plant Light
Product description

The Light Bulb Series includes five different interpretations of this luminous icon: Black Light, which inverts the functions and parts of the object, since the bulb become black and dark, while the socket emits light; Candle Light, a short circuit between different modes and effects of shedding light, two technical lighting histories, of flame and tungsten, that merge to form a new, ambiguous, paradoxical object; Melting Light, a bulb captured in a photogram, halfway between form and liquefaction, suspended in a state of transition, becoming the evanescent icon of a ghost; Plant Light, a bulb invaded by nature, pebbles and soil, transformed into a terrarium, a bulb-pot for the plant that colonises it; and White Light, the matrix of everything, where everything can still happen.

Stand/ mountingwith footplate
shades of green
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Foscarini, Italy

James Wines