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Presented:Salone del Mobile 2012, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingStanding lamps
Product description

An original take on the floor lamp, which develops horizontally and has stolen its name from a cartoon character.

Stewie, a Luca Nichetto design, is the new element for the house of today, brand-new, unconventional and friendly. It breaks the mould, choosing a light source that skims the ground, large sizes and a light, soft and flexible material.

To get the desired result, we selected a heat-shaped, expanded polyethylene covered by a particular fabric with the properties of a prism, adopting the same technology as used in the sporting world or for travel accessories. This particular combination of materials conveys a warm, soft aspect and lends itself perfectly to the idea, which gave birth to Stewie. Being heat-shaped, gives in fact maximum freedom to obtain the good-sized concave shape planned to reflect the light with a certain soft effect.

Stewie stands out for the visual impact of its shape, its size and the unusual light it emits. Even when off, it retains its theatrical characteristics and the distinctive personality which it brings to each environment: cutting across boundaries in use and unmistakable in shape, it is perfectly at ease, whether in the bedroom or the living areas as well as in communal spaces: use it in compositions to create comfortable lounge areas.

Foscarini, Italy

Luca Nichetto